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This is a virtual horse stable, a part of a virtual horse game. Everything on this site (content, images and photography) are used with permission. It only exists in our imagination of a virtual community. WL Equestrian Stablesis a corporation of both stables Gestüt Wellington and Linnilä Dressage to support each other at international competitions. Apart from that there is no connection existing between both stables. We are competing at SAI mainly in the ASJA (Gestüt Wellington, Kimni Glademann) and in the ASDA (Linnilä Dressage, Milka Linnilä). Sometimes we have some exotic horses which are owned by the WL Equestrian Stables as a corporation.


Horse Breed Gender Year Association (Points) Owner
Wincares Nosferatu Hanoverian Stallion 2003 ASJA (0) Gestüt Wellington